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Massage Table Cart - How do you ensure a Correct Choice?

If are planning to provide equipment for mobile massage services, it would be wise to invest on massage table carts that can be easily moved from one place to the other. Although massage table carts are just like static massage tables and are supposed to serve the same purpose. There are some specific aspects to evaluate when you decide to invest on these portable versions. In case you aren’t completely well versed with the specifications for this product type, it would be necessary to read up a bit and seek guidance from those already in the industry. Once you know what to expect it would be easier for you choose wisely.  Listed below are some of the essential aspects to evaluate.

Is it truly lightweight?

If you wish to invest in portable choices, one of the first things to consider would be the weight. Ideally, a portable table should be light enough to be carried around easily, without much of a hassle. There is no point in investing in a portable massage table that needs at least four people to carry it around! Therefore, you need to have a fair idea of the weight standards applicable and choose accordingly.

Is it stable enough?

Another problem could be that they might just end up being too flimsy in a bid to remain portable and handy. There could be nothing worse than a table collapse in the middle of a massage session! Therefore, you need to ensure that the material used for making these tables is durable enough to withstand the relentless pressure of repeated massage sessions. It is important to buy ones that come with a valid guarantee and warranty policy, for complete quality assurance.

Are the dimensions adequate?

There are portable tables that might compromise on dimensions too, in order to ensure portability. These are certainly not the best of choices! A spa therapy is meant for complete relaxation. Hence, the dimensions must be adequate in order to provide for a restful therapy. Proper additional arm rests or leg rests need to be provided, for optimum comfort.

Ideally, a massage table cart must ensure portability without compromising on essential features.