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Massage Tables: Imperative tools for Good Massage Therapy

Massage therapy dates back to 4,000 years and is practiced in multiple cultures for centuries now. Hordes of people around the world are now looking up to alternative therapies and natural treatments to replace prescription drugs. Since most massage treatments require the recipient to lie down to receive the treatment, massage tables form a quintessential piece of equipment in massage therapy.

A therapeutic massage session can be given a new dimension by using technologically advanced massage tables and other equipment. Different types of massage tables are available to cater to different types of bodywork modalities. The several varieties include portable tables, stationary tables, hydraulic tables, tables with raising sections etc. These are crafted from an array of materials such as steel, aluminum, timber or a combination of these materials. Depending upon your particular needs and budget, you need to choose a table that provides utmost client comfort and gets you allegiant clients and referrals in the long run.

Stationary tables

Stationary tables are those which stand at a fixed height and do not fold. These tables do not have a hinge in the middle unlike portable tables which makes them highly durable and tenacious. A hinge is reckoned as a weak point as it can tend to flex in case of extreme stress. Furthermore, weight is never an issue in a stationary massage table since it will not be moved in most cases. Thus, with no weight limitation, stronger materials, thicker foam and sturdy leg construction can be used to manufacture these tables. The additional benefit is a higher weight capacity which can be aptly utilized to cater to bulky clients.

Portable tables

Portable massage tables are lightweight variants that have various adjustable sub-parts like the adjustable sling, telescoping legs etc. These can be folded in a jiffy and then set-up again in a flash as and when required. The most lucrative feature of portable massage tables is that they can save you precious room space. You can use them only when you need them. At other times, they can be easily stacked away in a very small section of your storage cabin. Portable massage tables usually come with lockable wheels to allow swift movement them from place to place.

A portable table is extremely lightweight and will easily fit in the boot or back seat of your car by folding in half the size. Particularly if you travel extensively to visit clients at home or office, a portable table is ideal. Portable massage tables are not only cost effective vis-à-vis their stationary versions, they also offer flexibility for on-site appointments.