5 Benefits of Prenatal Massage Every Soon to Be Mom Needs to Know


5 benefits of prenatal massage therapy

Prenatal massage has numerous benefits for both baby and mother.

Using massage as a supplement to your existing prenatal care has numerous benefits both to baby, and mother. Overall, it’s a great way to reduce stress and to promote overall wellness by relieving many of the discomforts experienced during the typical pregnancy, such as: neck and back pain, leg cramps, headaches, and edema (swelling).

The benefits of prenatal massage are numerous, and we’re going to talk about a few of them today. Here are 5 benefits that should have every mom-to-be considering prenatal massage.


Improves Circulatory Function

Massage helps to increase blood circulation, which provides more oxygen and nutrients to both baby and mother. In addition, the increased circulatory function stimulates the lymph system, which increases immune response and helps to remove toxins from the body while also helping to regulate blood pressure and easing the amount of stress on the heart.


Benefits Mental Health

Prenatal massage helps to relax the nervous system by releasing the body’s own natural “feel good” chemicals, known as endorphins. As a result, the mother feels calm and relaxed which helps to neutralize the effect of hormonal change during pregnancy.

Mothers that underwent massage during pregnancy report decreased instances of anxiety or depression associated with hormonal change during pregnancy. The emotional support and nurturing touch of a masseuse helps to set the mind at ease, and the increased circulation and release of endorphins is beneficial to reducing the effects of hormonal change.

This release of endorphins has also been proven to be beneficial to overall sleep quality by reducing anxiety levels in expectant mothers.


Eases Pain Naturally and Drug-free

Pregnancy typically involves swelling of the joints, as well as moderate to severe pain in these areas as well as the back and neck. Massage helps to increase the flow of oxygen to these trouble areas as well as alleviating some of the stress on the joints caused by pregnancy. This is especially beneficial as the mother-to-be is often very limited in their choices of pain-relieving medications and over-the-counter options.


Enhances Skin Pliability

For many mothers, the ability of their skin to “bounce back” after pregnancy is a legitimate concern. Massage helps to maintain elasticity and pliability of skin, which could help to reduce the appearance (or existence) of stretch marks, and saggy or excess skin. During the massage, your skin benefits from additional oxygen due to improved circulatory function that promotes overall skin and soft tissue health and ultimately leads to tighter, firmer skin.


Improves Posture

Many mothers – even those with impeccable posture – begin to see their posture decline as the baby’s increased weight begins to offset their natural alignment. This postural decline often leads to stiff or sore neck and back-related symptoms that can be minimized with massage. Massage has been shown to increase muscle tone and flexibility, which gives mothers the ability to carry this extra weight, all while relieving pain cased by poor posture due to pregnancy.

Massage improves both mental and physical health while creating a sense of calm and improving overall sense of well-being. This form of therapy makes a great addition to your prenatal care regimen, and the benefits to both mother and child make it a great reason to get out and pamper yourself during your pregnancy.