Aromatherapy – Spicing It Up!


I suspect that aromatherapy is nothing new for you. You learned all about it in school. You’ve likely taken a few CE courses on its benefits over the years. Maybe, even, you’ve always had a personal interest in aromatherapy and you keep an essential oil diffuser at home. Regardless of what your experience with it is, you probably know what an easy add-on it is to your massage business. The problem: even add-ons get stale after a time. After a certain number of months seeing the same aromatherapy option on your menu, most clients are likely to start glossing over it. My advice: Spice things up from time to time.

Personalize – Start suggesting aromatherapy treatments based on the specific needs of your clientsbefore or during a massage. When clients know a treatment might benefit them personally, they are more apt to try it out.

Offer Freebies – Sometimes, the best way to hook a client is to give something away for free. As they say … A luxury, once experienced, becomes a necessity.Try a once-a-month surprise giveaway. Pick a random day and offer every client an aromatherapy treatment for free. I bet you won’t get any complaints.

Talk It Up – Share your own experiences. If a specific essential oil has made a difference for you, share that knowledge.

The reality is this: When an add-on sits on your menu for an extended period without being discussed, clients are more likely to forget about it. Spicing things up doesn’t take a ton of effort, but it can bring in healthy profits. To me, it’s worth that bit of extra effort every time.

Happy Massaging!