Broken Legs; Massage table legs that is…

Massage is the study of anatomy in Braille” Jack Meagher. If you are a massage therapist you realize how important your work really is. Not simply a leisurely past-time, what you do changes the world. People aren’t paying for a few minutes of downtime, they’re paying for rejuvenation, and chances to start anew with new breath and blood pumping through their veins. This is a physical awakening.

In any industry the tools make the man, as a massage therapist your tools are your mind, your body and your massage table. Without a doubt your mind is sharp and well versed in massage and your hands know their way around a body, like riding bike by now your hands cannot forget technique. So you’ve got it all, but what about your table? Shouldn’t your equipment match your skill, you deserve the best. Too often overlooked the massage table makes the masseuse.

There are many types of tables but when it comes to quality none can match Earthlite. Earthlite is recognized as the worlds #1 brand of massage equipment and use’s Canadian hard maple for sturdy durable legs and braces and Baltic birch plywood for the table top.

This company has respect for not only the massage therapist but the environment as well, using water-based lacquer and environmentally friendly foam and vinyls. If you have a serious commitment towards your career than consider upgrading to an Earthlite table so that your work can continue to impact the world positively.