Business Sense & Massage Therapy

In any business, you need basic skills. In the massage therapy business, many do not believe that there is a need for formal business training or even informal business training however even employed therapists could use a little help. Here are few tips you might find useful.

  1. Visit the SBA website; they have an amazing set of free resources like business planning, grant & loan information, market research and much more. If you are a self-employed massage therapist or do independent contracting, I highly recommend that you assemble some sort of business plan and portfolio.

  1. Learn all you can by joining forums, communities and subscribing for newsletters. There are many great website you can visit to learn more about your field such as wikipedia and similar sites.

  1. Participate in your field join the AMTA or the Massage Network. By being actively, involved with other people in your field you will learn more about business your trade and make new contacts.

  1. Subscribe to magazines like Massage Mag, buy books and watch television shows about massage therapy.

By networking and participating with others, you learn a great deal about business, industry news, new massage equipment and general happenings. It is a fast past world and keeping up with the flow information is very important to the success of any business and any businessperson. In addition, if you do not believe you as a massage therapist are a businessperson ask an entrepreneur what they do. They advertise, find clients on their own motivation, purchase equipment and accessories, run their own finances and marketing and fund their own operations. This sounds a lot like an independent massage therapist doesn’t it.