Caring For Yourself: An Absolute Must

Let me preface today’s blog by stating that I’m not going to go into extraordinary detail on taking care of yourself. Why?Because I feel confident that you already know what I’m going to say. In truth, you’ve probably said some of the very same things to others. So, rather than go on and on, I thought today’s blog might serve as a simple and friendly reminder. The long and short: You absolutely must take care of yourself in order to effectively perform your craft.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that your health and well-being are crucial in your ability to successfully give massage for lengthy periods of time. After all, you know the benefits of massage. You tout them to others every day. Don’t deprive yourself of those very same benefits. To my mind, you are the most valuable tool in your business arsenal. And you take care of your other tools, right? You clean and maintain your massage table, don’t you? Imagine if you put the same energy into yourself that you do into your massage equipment.

So, swap massages with other professionals, drink plenty of fluids, relax, and make sure to take time for yourself. In the end, I think you know that you’ll be the better for it.