Choosing your Massage Table

Choosing the right massage chair and table for your business can be a daunting task. There are some many different features, prices and options. If you do not know exactly what you need it is going to be very difficult to decide which table or chair is right for you. Once you know exactly what you need you can begin to decide from all the various packages and options. There are many companies that offer massage equipment, some of which include: Inner-Strength, Earthlite, Stronglite and Astra-lite. Below are some of the more popular products sold on the massage equipment market today, but before you make any buying decisions ask your self the questions below.

Massage Table

Questions to ask yourself

Do you massage special needs clients?

Will you need to move your massage table or chair?

What kind of clients will you have MOST of the time?

Are you working at more than one location?

How long do you want your table/chair to last?

Stronglite Standard+ Portable Massage Table Package

Massage Table

This is the preferred table for massage therapists on the go. Whether you’re a corporate or home massage therapist this massage table has all the great features you’ve come to expect from Stronglite. This particular table has everything a standard table would plus rounded corners, triple wrap foam and open endplates. Made from a hardwood frame and birch plywood table top this table with offer the durability and strength you need. It also has a patented cradle lock system which allows it to lie flat on the floor for a shiatsu massage. The padding is made from PU vinyl so you know it will last along time, and if you can find a package online you will also get a carrying case, adjustable face rest, and one of the best warranties around. Under the warranty your frame will last 5 years and your foam and vinyl is covered for a full year.

Earthlite Calistoga Stationary Massage Table

Massage Tables

The Calistoga series of massage table is one of the most popular stationary massage tables on the market. Clients and massage therapists alike love the comfort and convenience that comes with the Calistoga series tables from Earthlite. When you buy a Calistoga series chair you will understand why they’re recognized for comfort, style, functionality and most importantly performance. This particular table comes with a neck roll, side armrests, foot rests, and a salon style pillow. This table comes with a wide variety of tilt adjustments and can hold about 450lbs. Being one of the few chairs with a storage cabinet and a lifetime warranty its not a surprise that the Calistoga series of massage tables is phenomenally popular.

Stronglite Ergo-Pro Portable Massage Chair Package

Massage Chair

If you’re looking for ergonomics and high value then you need to seriously consider buying the Stronglite Ergo-Pro massage chair. This chair is designed for comfort and can fit all body types. If you have special needs clients like the elderly, overweight, sick or pregnant than this chair is an excellent way to go. And considering its price it is perhaps the best valued massage chair available. This chair can hold up to 600lbs of weight and all of its features make massage a cinch. The weight of the chair is only 19lbs making transport simple. There are height adjusting chair legs, knee rests that are removable and an adjustable seat which helps larger clients or those with sensitivity in the knees. If you can find a package for this chair on the internet jump on it right away.

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