Client Relations: Touting the Benefits of Routine Massage

As a massage therapy professional, you have probably seen a considerable drop in visits from your regular clients due to the national obsession with cutting back on “luxuries.” If you want to stay in business in these tough times, it is essential that you get in the habit of touting the health benefits of routine massages with your new and existing clients in order to keep them coming back to you on a regular basis. Like it or not, to accomplish this goal, you need to be as good a salesman for massage as you are a practitioner!

Your job is to help your clients view getting routine massages as a necessity for good health rather than an occasional luxury. This shouldn’t be too hard since this is what you believe in anyway, right? The trick is to keep your approach simple: short and sweet is always best. You want to leave each client with these 3 takeaways: routine massage will-

1.    Help you sleep better
2.    Improve your everyday performance
3.    Alleviate chronic pain naturally


Study after study has shown that undergoing routine massage therapy sessions helps people to obtain a deeper level of sleep than they would otherwise have. The total relaxation achieved during massage is largely to thank for this phenomenon, but pain relief is also a factor: many people who suffer from insomnia also suffer from chronic pain or restless leg syndrome. Both of these conditions are alleviated through routine massage: an occasional treatment on your massage table simply will not do the trick.

Everyday Performance

In these dark economic times, stress levels are at an all-time high. High levels of stress impede everyday performance both on the job and in our personal lives more than just about any other factor. Rather than turn to expensive and unhealthy medications, your clients can instead use the holistic methods inherent in massage therapy philosophy and techniques to achieve drastically reduced levels of stress. Again, this does not come from occasional visits to massage tables: this can only come through routine massage treatments.

Chronic Pain Treatment

Routine massage targeted toward pain relief can actually save your clients money through reduced need for medications and associated high health care costs. Even medical professionals agree: Researcher Adam Perlman, MD says that, “Ultimately, massage may be shown to lessen a patient’s reliance on medications and decrease health care costs. Our hope is to show that this treatment is not only safe and effective, but cost effective.” In this day and age, holistic treatments are finally getting the respect they deserve: but clients need to be educated about their benefits.

You can be an effective salesman for your profession: work the benefits of routine massage into your conversations with your clients whenever possible, and you will help them understand that their regular visits with you are not luxuries- they are necessities for overall wellness.