Fight breaks Out Over Pastry

After you stop laughing!! This article actually appeared in the Salt Lake Tribune News this morning. It occured overnight where a few roommates got together and as stupid stories go, got into a fight over a toaster strudel, ya the ones that are frozen and you pop into the toaster. Good night, talk about your stupid pet trick.

Being in the massage table business I wonder how this situation may have been changed, if the roommates had spent a few dollars and gotten a massage recently. In this day and age where everyone is moving so fast, it is sometimes impossible to stop long enough to catch your breath. Unfortunately as pressures mount the end result is the kind of stupidity related here.

We sell thousands of massage tables and massage chairs and then an incredible number of massage supplies such as the massage cremes and massage oils. You would think that these crazy guys would have been smart enough to find one of our talented massage therapist clients and solve their problems long before they ended up in a hospital stay and a visit to the local jail.

Come on people. Do yourself a favor and take some time off for yourself. GET A MASSAGE!