Gift Certificates: Building Blocks for Business

Have you considered offering gift certificates? If you have, you aren’t alone. In fact, I’d venture to say that most massage therapists have considered offeringthem over the years. To my mind, gift certificates offeran incredible amount to massage therapists. So, if you haven’t jumped on board yet, it might be time to do so. Here’s why:

Gift certificates bring new clients in.Because gift-receivers are prospective (practically guaranteed) clients for you, gift certificates can have a very real effect on the number of new clients you’ll see.

Gift certificates bring existing customers back.In the rare chance that a client decides to move on, the fact that they have a gift certificate for your business is likely to keep them coming longer. This gives you more chances to impress them on your massage table and, thusly, to keep them coming back.

Gift certificates help build your brand.Building a brand is crucial to marketing any business and that includes massage.Gift certificates are a fantastic way of marketing and branding yourself. Every time a client sees your name on a gift certificate, it is a gentle reminder of the services you provide. And, better yet, when a client gifts one of your certificates to someone else, the client is marketing your brand for you. It is hard to go wrong there.

Without question, I believe gift certificates wield the power to improve your massage business. If anything, it can’t hurt to try them out. If you decide they aren’t worth your while, you can always discontinue offering them. But, admittedly, I think that’s unlikely. Either way, happy massaging!