Help! My Sheets Don’t Fit …

I listened in on a conversation about massage table sheets the other day and I realized how common a particular issue is. So, I thought I’d bring it up to you today in the hopes of saving you a phone call or concern. Here goes:

The comment: “I put my bolster under my sheets and then the sheets don’t fit. Are my sheets too small?”

The answer: No, the sheets aren’t too small. Generally speaking, massage sheets are made to fit a massage table. They aren’t made to fit a massage table with a bolster. Luckily, there are a variety of bolster covers out there. Many companies make them. These help protect your bolster and ensure that your sheets fit properly and don’t pop off mid-treatment.

So, if you are trying to squeeze a bolster under your sheets, reevaluate. Spend the few dollars (it really isn’t much) to get a bolster cover or two. I think you’ll be happy you did.