In Marketing, the Little Things Count!

I read a fabulous little blog by Bodywork Buddy a few days back and I thought I might touch on it for you today. The blog, written by Cindy Iwlew, asked the following question: Do you have 10 minutes today to work on building your massage business? Cindy then listed a variety of quick-and-easy tips to building that business in less than 10 minutes a day. These tips included – amongst other things – sending postcards to clients you haven’t seen in a while, calling local wellness clinics to discuss co-promotion, and sending handwritten thank you notes.

What I like about the list Cindy provided (and it is longer; I just gave you a taste above) is that it offers you real-life, totally reasonable suggestions for marketing and building your massage business. Marketing can be a daunting task for many of us, but it is critical nonetheless. It brings people right where you need them: to your massage tables.

Most of you reading this are massage therapists. When you went to massage school, you probably weren’t taking business classes on the side. Just because it wasn’t your choice of study, however, doesn’t mean you can get away without it. Marketing is crucial to growing your business. To build on Cindy’s advice, let me suggest the following: Don’t skirt marketing advice because your business is doing reasonably well. Imagine, for a moment, how well it could be doing if you took a simple 10 minutes each workday to enhance it.

To my mind, the possibilities are truly endless.