Increasing Your Profits – It Doesn’t Take Much

Increasing Your Profits – It Doesn't Take MuchIf you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for easy ways to improve your business. And let’s face it, the more challenging an idea, the less likely we are to follow through with it. So, let’s explore a few of the easy ways we can improve our business and, by default, our profits. After all, who’s not in for an extra buck?

Add-ons: No, They Aren’t Outdated

Yes, it’s the age-old add-on. People still love add-ons today because they are particularly effective in adding revenue to a service that would have an otherwise fixed price. I encourage you to think outside the box. Add-ons are not only inclusive of the standard foot reflexology treatments or aromatherapy-laced massage lotion. Try a paraffin treatment in lieu of a heated hand or foot mitt. What about a new shell or bamboo massage add-on?

Signature Treatments: The Spice of Service

A step up from the add-on is what I like to call an add-in. Add a few signature pieces to your massage menu to spice it up. You might be surprised how many clients jump at the chance to try something completely new.

Loyalty Programs: Keep ‘Em Coming

If we’ve learned anything from Massage Envy, it’s that loyalty programs are here to stay. People like the idea of frequenting the same businesses. What’s more, loyalty programs are easy to start and to keep up. Just start something. Don’t let a trend of this magnitude pass you by.

Retail! Retail! Retail!

You’ve heard it before, I know. But it deserves repeating. Retail – correction, the right retail – can help bring significant profits to your business. To my mind, the key to this is ensuring that you carry product you believe in. If you believe in it, you’ll recommend it with enthusiasm. Without enthusiasm, it’s likely to gather dust on your shelves.

Massage Equipment: Time for an Upgrade

Yes, you read correctly. Sometimes you have to spend a little to make a little. If your massage equipment is outdated or worn down, chances are the client can feel it. A simple upgrade to the equipment you are using can make a world of difference. Consider something as small as a new table warmer to improve your services. Sometimes it’s the little things that count.

There you have it, a few easy ways to improve your business and, thus, your profits. This list isn’t comprehensive, but it should – I hope – encourage you to step up and take the reins. Your future is, after all, in your hands.

Happy Massaging!

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