Liability Insurance – Consider it!

I called up an industry colleague and good friend a few days back. I had a technical question regarding liability insurance for a project I was working on. Over the course of the conversation, I was shocked to learn how few states actually require it. As it turns out, only 7 states require liability insurance for licensing. Certainly, franchises and business owners all over the country can and do require it of their employees, but your average independent massage therapist isn’t (in all but 7 states) required to purchase liability insurance.

Literally, I tell you, I was floored. I’ve long been a proponent of massage liability insurance. Certainly, there are plenty of people out there who would disagree with me. For many, it’s an extra expense in an already tough economy. I absolutely understand that. Others feel that if you are diligent in your practice, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever actually need it. Admittedly, there is some accuracy to that statement. To my mind, however, that is a big risk to take. A really big risk.

You can be exceptionally talented and diligent in your practice. You can ask all the right questions in the client history interview, maintain and sanitize your massage table and equipment, follow safety guidelines, and still run into problems. After all, you simply can’t control everything. While you are unlikely to ever need it, it’s a minimal expense considering the potential financial risk of not having it.

So, at least consider it. My hope is that you’ll never have to use massage liability insurance, but if you do, you’ll be ecstatic that you have it.