Must Have Massage Accessories

Massage therapists know how important the right massage equipment can be. We all know how important your massage table or massage chair are, but what about everything else? There are so many add-ons and accessories that will make your massage easier and more relaxing for your patients. Aromatherapy products, pads, shelves, sheets, stools, massage oil and so many other accessories are just as important to the comfort of a massage as your other equipment. Let’s explore some popular massage accessories.

Massage Supply

Deluxe Fleece Pad Set

Sure, your massage table is very comfortable by itself. But a little added padding wouldn’t hurt anything, and may make for a more comfortable and luxurious massage experience for your clients. The Deluxe Fleece Pad Set is soft, durable and machine washable. This pad is twice the thickness of a normal fleece pad and set with fitted corners.

Deluxe Fleece Set

PRICE: $48.99 $44.09

Earthlite Folding Stool

Sometimes you need to get low for your massage, sometimes you just need to sit in between massages or even just a place to kneel and take the load off your feet. That’s why the Earthlite folding stool comes in really handy. Its foldable so it is light and can be easily stored or transported.

Folding Stool

PRICE: $69.00 $62.10

Stronglite Massage Table Folding Shelf

Unless you have an upper end massage table with shelves and storage cubby’s you may find a lack of storage space on your massage table. Especially for the massage therapist on the go, the Stronglite Folding Shelf is a great way to add shelving to your massage table so you have a place for all those little extras. This shelf can fold up and be stored inside of your portable massage table.

Folding Shelf

PRICE: $15.00 $13.50

Earthlite Portable Hanging Armrest

Usually clients figure out a place to put their arms. But why not give them another convenient option for their arms with a portable hanging armrest. This armrest allows better access for the therapist and greater comfort for the client.

Hanging Arm Rest

PRICE: $49.00 $44.10

Earthlite Essential Oil Diffuser

This oil diffuser burns in a clean, safe and effective way, vaporizing your favorite aromatherapy oil without using a hot ring or a naked flame. It has proven that certain herbs and aromas have an impact on the mind. Many herbs can make clients more relaxed, calm and at peace while they receive the best massage of their lives. Don’t forget to get additional aromatherapy cartridges for your massage oil diffuser.

Oil Diffuser

PRICE: $75.00 $67.50

Earthlite Essential Oil Aroma Vera Lavender 1/2 oz

PRICE: $11.95 $10.76

Massage crèmes and oils are hugely important in the massage game. Oils reduce friction from skin to skin contact which greatly increases the pleasure of the massage. You can massage harder for longer periods of time and not have to worry about your clients skin becoming red or irritated. Also many crèmes and oils have scents from natural herbs in them which also adds to the pleasure of the massage.

Massage Creme

Earthlite Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Crème

Available in 16 oz pump or 1 gallon.

PRICE: $14.55 $13.10

Earthlite Lavender Massage Crème

Lavender scented creme with pure essential oil.

PRICE: $9.00 $8.10

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