Massage During Pregnancy pt. 1

Pregnancy Massage

Many women wonder if it’s ok to get a massage while pregnant. Well, not only is it ok but it is actually very beneficial. Pregnant massage a.k.a. prenatal massage is a hugely popular method for relieving ailments caused by pregnancy. There are benefits not only for the women receiving the massage but for the baby as well. And if you are massaged by your spouse they greatly benefit as well knowing they’re helping their partner and increasing the bond between them. Make sure to use the right equipment if you do this, a good massage table should used for pregnant women.

Benefits for mothers

-Helps eliminate waste in the circulatory and lymphatic systems, helping fight fatigue

-Better circulation means less stress and a healthier heart

-Relieves muscle tightness, tension and cramping

-Relieves muscle and joint pain

-Helps with back pain, sore feet and headaches

-Increases nutrients and oxygen which means the mom has more energy and the baby has more essential nutrients

-Less hormonal imbalances

-Increased flexibility

-Better sleep for the mom and baby

-Helps loosen the pelvis before birth, makes birth a lot easier

-Increased milk production and easier feeding

-Helps recovery after child birth

-Helps re align the pelvis after birth

-Speedier, happier recoveries after birth

Benefits for babies

-Stress relief

-Improved circulation

-Better muscle tone

-Consistent sleeping patterns

-Relief constipation and gas

-Overall strengthening of Circulatory, Digestive and intestinal tracks

-Improved body awareness

-Improved brain function and coordination

-Increases bonding with parent

-Increases communication between baby and parent

-Helps parents recognize cries

Most Importantly - Babies Die Without Touch!

Touch is by far the most important aspect of creating a healthy child. Touch is our oldest and most honed sense, without we suffer emotionally and physically.

It has also been shown that touch is as important as eating and sleeping. Massage and touch helps a baby sleep better, makes them more alert/aware, fuss less, have stronger immune systems and even increase IQ.

Mother Child

But wait there’s more, not everyone is correctly trained to perform a pregnancy massage. Many massage therapists and women think that a normal massage preformed on a pregnant woman will be effective however this is not so. Pregnant women have many unique areas that require sensitivity and knowledge. Make sure to find a massage therapist with experience in massaging pregnant women, or if you’re doing it yourself read a few books and watch some videos on it.

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