Massage Tables International Verses Domestic

There has been much controversy recently about quality verses price, domestic verses international, etc. All as it relates to the manufacturing of quality massage tables and massage chairs. There are a number of ways to look at this issue. Let’s explore a few:

Manufacturing Quality – There was a time a few years back where everything being manufactured overseas was perceived as being low budget and worthless. That couldn’t be further from the truth these days. Yes there is a pride factor associated with buying US but the “poor quality” argument doesn’t hold much weight any longer. That being said there are still manufactures in Asia that produce terrible quality products. They however don’t end up having anything to do with our quality driven products. We maintain a very strict quality control of all imported component materials.

Competitive Pricing – In this day and age where labor costs, taxation, union benefits, high overhead, aggressive taxation, a rising minimum wage and a hundred other pricing factors are all part of the cost of doing business here in the United States. Yes we would certainly prefer to buy from U.S manufactures and we do, however we have found that a balance of US and Offshore component gathering puts the Massage Table Outlet in a position of not only being a leader in the distribution of top quality massage table, massage chair and massage accessories at rock bottom prices.

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