Massage Therapy for the Elderly

Getting older can be physically painful. Many elderly people suffer from arthritis, loss of feeling in their hands and feet, poor circulation, muscular stiffness, inflammation in the joints, skin discoloration, bursitis, and deterioration in the muscles and bones. Massage therapy can be extremely soothing and beneficial to elderly individuals who are experiencing the aches and pains of growing older. Massage therapy for the elderly is often called geriatric massage or senior massage. Geriatric Massage techniques do not usually differ from the techniques used on younger people; however, the main difference is in how an elderly body is positioned on a massage table and the amount of pressure used while massaging.

Seniors need a little more tender loving care for their aging bodies and need to be positioned very carefully on a portable or stationary massage table. Extreme care must be taken when helping an elderly client onto the table, opposed to helping a 25 year old. Elderly patients are more easily injured and have more sensitive skin. Usually, after an elderly client is placed comfortably on the massage table, they are not asked to move again. Too much moving can cause undue stress on their fragile limbs and could potentially end up creating more pain. The amount of pressure that the massage therapist enforces is usually lessened for seniors. Again, their fragile frames and sensitive skin is too delicate to handle firm pressure.

Even a 30 minute to an hour long massage can help the elderly. Some health benefits include:
• Improves flexibility in the joints and muscles
• Helps treat chronic pain
• Reduces muscle spasms and stiffness
• Reduces high blood pressure
• Increases blood flow
• Encourages better sleep
• Stimulates the nervous system
• Stimulates circulation
• Reduces swelling
• Releases endorphins

Massage tables for elderly patients should be very sturdy and have plush multi-layer foam padding. Massage table outlet offers some of the sturdiest and comfortable massage tables at affordable prices. There are many tables stationary and portable massage tables to choose from, as well as great massage accessories and table attachments to make their experience all the more comfortable and soothing.

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