Massage vs. Coffee: Is There Really a Comparison?

Bodywork Buddy recently posted a blog called “11 Ways Getting a Massage is Better Than Taking a Vacation.” I emphatically agree. Sadly, I haven’t taken a real vacation in a while which, of course, got me thinking: What little things do I treat myself to? The answer: Coffee.

So, here goes:
“5 Ways Massage is Better than Coffee”

#1: I think this goes without saying, but the physical benefits of massage far outweigh any potential physical benefits from coffee.

#2: Massage doesn’t add to my waistline. Coffee (with added milk and/or sugar) certainly does.

#3: Massage gives me a much needed mental break. Coffee, as much as I adore it, does quite the opposite: it stimulates.

#4: Getting a massage does not involve a Starbucks line that wraps out the front door every morning.

#5: If I don’t get a massage every day, I won’t go into caffeine withdrawal.

Clearly, I could keep going. And this is from a woman who LOVES her coffee. Alas, massage is the do-all and end-all for me. I have seen and felt the benefits and, to my mind, there simply isn’t anything comparable out there.

Happy Massaging!