Online Scheduling: It is for you?

There has been quite a bit of hype about online scheduling lately. I’m an organizational nut, so the idea of online scheduling really appeals to me. Alas, what is right for me isn’t necessarily always right for the rest of the world. So, I put myself on a mission to filter through the superfluous information out there to come up with a list of reasons one might realistically consider online scheduling to enhance business. Without further ado, here’s what I came up with:

Freedom for Therapists and Clients

The ability to schedule 24/7 is pretty darn convenient and online scheduling allows for it. You aren’t required to call anyone back in the middle of a busy day and your clients can make their appointments at their convenience.

More Appointments

That’s right, more appointments. And who wouldn’t want more clients on their massage table throughout the day? Online scheduling allows for things like auto e-mail reminders which, in turn, decrease the likelihood of no-shows. But, that’s not all: Online scheduling also helps convert clients who aren’t really “phone people” (you know ‘em, those people who NEVER leave voicemails). Do I like that? Yes, you bet I do.

Professional Image

It really doesn’t matter how big, small, orthrivingyour business is, online scheduling is one of the best ways I can think of to improve your professional image. It shows, to my mind, that you take your clients seriously.

Improved Organization

Online scheduling is a great way to keep things organized (LOVE it). Not only can clients schedule appointments further out(giving you a better picture of your long-term business schedule) but you have access to their contact information at all times.


If I haven’t convinced you, I encourage you to do a little research of your own. I think you’ll find, as I did, that online scheduling offers a wealth of benefits to both you and your clients. The world is changing fast; hop on before it leaves you in the dust.

**A special thanks to Cindy Iwlew of Bodywork Buddy for walking me through the basics of online scheduling.I am ever-appreciative, as always. She rocks!