Portable Massage Chairs – A Wave of Benefits

Portable Massage ChairsI recently worked with Stronglite’s Bruce Eatchel on a project involving chair massage. Before I go on, let me first own up to something: I had always seen chair massage as an add-on of sorts, as a way to generate leads that would eventually turn toward more traditional massage. Well … I was wrong and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Certainly, there are those who successfully use portable massage chairs as a way to generate new business. If you are one of them, you have my highest high-five and deepest admiration for getting out there and building your clientele. With that said, I now realize that portable massage chairs have much more to offer these days. Here’s what I learned during my fateful conversation with Bruce:

In a challenging economy, massage therapists who have long sought out the stability of large spas and franchises are turning to chair massage as a regular part of their business (not just as the lead generation tool I mentioned earlier). And why not? The benefits of chair massage are virtually endless. Chair massage is less expensive for the client, allowing many longtime traditional massage clients an option to continue regular massage when they otherwise might not be able to afford it. What’s more, portable massage chairs are a great way to introduce new clients to massage. There are a certain number of people who simply aren’t comfortable undressing for massage. Chair massage offers these clients a viable, modest alternative. For the massage therapist, this opens up a whole new potential client base.

Look around you the next time you’re out. Owner-operated seated massage clinics are popping up everywhere. You’ll see portable massage chairs in shopping malls, attached to medical and chiropractic offices, and in the lobbies of office buildings. Clearly, people are catching onto this “wave of the future” as Bruce calls it. The question: Will you catch the wave or will you let it pass you by?

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