Reiki or Standard Endplates?

Are you considering the purchase of a new massage table? Not sure whether you’ll need standard or Reiki endplates? You aren’t alone. Massage therapists are faced with the endplate dilemma every day. Luckily, deciding which endplates are for you isn’t particularly complex.

Reiki Endplates – Reiki endplates allow therapists to position their knees under the table. This is required for various forms of energy work.

Standard Endplates – Standard endplates are preferred by those who don’t generally perform energy work or sit with their knees under the table.

Nutshell: If you are performing energy work or find yourself placing your knees underneath the table as you work, choose Reiki. Otherwise, standard endplates should do the trick. Still undecided? Check with your massage table manufacturer: Some companies offer ½ Standard/ ½ Reiki options as well.

Happy Massaging!