Relieving Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

In this modern age of computers, gizmos and gadgets your hands get a big workout. Simply keeping up with texts, emails, and anything else that involves electronics is a feat unto itself. As a result of increased hand function due to electronics many individuals have developed something called “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or CTS is a common nerve condition in which one of the wrists main nerves, the Median nerve, becomes pinched or compressed. The result is feelings of acute pain, muscle weakness, numbness and tingling. This condition has become more common in the modern era thanks in large part to modern electronics. While electronics such as computers take blame for CTS the bulk of cases reported are idiopathic, meaning that they have no known cause.

Hand Massage

Just about everyone understands the immense benefits offered by massage therapy. Massage can help with just about anything from reduced stress & anxiety to increased self esteem to improved circulation and immune function. But many fail to recognize the breadth of benefits that massage offers. Massage can benefit us physically, mentally and spiritually, which is why it makes sense that massage has been practiced for hundreds perhaps thousands of years.

For a person with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome there are few good options for treatment. Braces, steroid injections and surgery are the most commonly offered treatments for CTS and many do not realize these are not their only options. Using massage equipment is a viable treatment option for individuals with Carpal tunnel. Since massage helps to reduce muscle and nerve tension it can calm the median nerve, and relief some of the tension that is creating the problem. Massage also increases flexibility which reduces the swelling and tension in the muscles and tendons. An experienced massage therapist who has experience with hands and Carpal tunnel syndrome is the best way to cure your ailments.


While many people cannot identify one source for their Carpal Tunnel problems it is quite clear that any undue stress affects your hands negatively. If you work in a computer related job make sure to take breaks especially when you feel pain or discomfort. Also be sure to mind your posture and the position of your hands. There are special pads that can reduce the stress during the use of mouse and keyboards. These ergonomic gel pads can do wonders for work related CTS sufferers. There are various types of massage equipment and office products that will aide in the relief of CTS, consult your doctor for further options.

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