Rocks & Oil, the River Stone Massage

There are many different forms of massage out there. You can a massage on a massage table a chair sometimes even on the floor. In fact there are over 50 types of massage but only one stands out. Using rocks, heat and oil this type of massage is unique, bold and beyond relaxing. First your massage therapy places smooth stones strategically along your back. Usually the stones are heated which provides a stimulating and deep effect on the muscles. For people with sinus congestion, breathing disorders and other health problems heat and steam are god sends.

The use of hot stones on the body is common throughout history and has been used for healing for centuries. In ancient times Egyptians used heated stones for ceremonial purposes. Native Americans also used heated stones and the Hawaiian natives performed Lomi Lomi massage which involved the use of hot stones. It wasn’t until 1994 that modern civilization picked up body massage and stone massage. A massage therapist from Tucson, Arizona researched the LaStone method for 3 years. She then began training massage therapists with her technique and through word of mouth LaStone massage spread.

In a hot stone massage the special smooth stones are heated up in water and then used two different ways. Some of the stones will be placed under a towel along both sides of the spine. Supposedly this heats the “chakra” the sacred human energies. This is meant to regenerate the body and soul and deeply cleanse it. Then the other stones are coated in oil and used in the hands of the therapist to perform massage techniques. The heat allows the stone to penetrate deeper parts of the tissue allowing for a more effective massage with greater health benefits.

The River stone massage was named that because the stones used were smoothed from years of constant water. River stones are particularly smooth and were often the stone of choice for this technique. Today there are few massage therapists that practice hot stone massage except for the exotic. The Hyatt Regency on the Choptank River offers this massage and is highly credited for it. If you ever get the opportunity try a hot stone massage and enjoy the benefits.

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