Safe Table Storage: What NOT to do!

If I can make one major suggestion to you to help protect your massage table or chair, it’s this: KEEP IT OUT OF YOUR TRUNK! Sorry for yelling. But, I want to prevent the heartache I know you’ll feel when it ruins your upholstery. So, let’s have a little chat …

I think we can all agree that massage tables should be protected during transport and storage. Have you, however, ever considered where you should/shouldn’t store your table? Just because a table is stored in a carry case, doesn’t mean the location it is stored in is safe. In fact, one of the most common storage areas for your table is, in fact, one of the worst: your trunk. Why? I’ll tell you. Trunk temperatures are subject to extreme variations. These variations can and do damage upholstery. This damage – whether from heat or cold – is irreparable.

The long and short of it: Please avoid keeping your massage table in your trunk for long periods. Whether it is in a carry case or not (and I hope it is) your trunk is not a safe place to be.

Happy Massaging!