Spa & Salon Massage Tables

Spas have been around for hundreds of years. Since the days of the Romans spas have been a popular place to congregate, socialize and relax. In those times every spa offered steam rooms, massages and luxurious hot baths. The original term “spa” comes from a small town in the heart of Belgium called “spa”. This was no ordinary town however, this town had a secret. A hot spring known only to the locals was used to cure ailments and sicknesses. Since then the term “spa” has been associated with good health, well being and happiness. In America the spa or salon is a common sight. Massage therapy is one of the fastest growing careers and it’s because of the growing popularity of day massage, massage clinics and salons. The massage is the favorite of the day spa experience. And it’s because of that we must understand different massage tables and how they affect the clients’ experience. Here we will go over some of the different types of spa and salon massage tables and each of their benefits.

Spa & Salon Massage Table

Electric Lift Tables

Electric lift tables are massage tables that utilize mechanical and electrical components to create a bed that can automatically adjust with the touch of a button. For many years tables could not be adjusted and changing your table settings for a different client was near impossible. But since many massage therapists treat a wide variety of clients, including special needs clients, they need a table that can be quickly and easily adjusted. Especially for individuals who are overweight, pregnant or elderly an easily adjusted table can come in extremely handy. Another advantage of the electric lift massage table is the fact that it can be placed into positions unknown to the stationary massage table.

Spa Massage Table

Stationary Spa and Salon Tables

These are the most common tables found in your average salon or spa. Since these tables rarely need to be moved they are very heavy, but what they lack in portability they make up for in comfort and strength. Spa and salon massage tables can hold a great deal of weight, far more than the average stationary massage table. Since comfort is the highest priority in massage spa and salon massage tables are very comfortable. Many of them have extra layers of comfort making these tables a deeply luxurious experience. Another notable feature of a spa or salon massage table is the inclusion of helpful features such as built-in cubbies, electrical outlets, shelving and more.

Spa and Salon Table Packages

If you are serious about purchasing a spa/salon massage table then you should consider buying a package. When the equipment comes in a package you are going to get a better deal. Many of the spa and salon table packages come with a complete set of accessories and necessary massage tools. Since spa and salon massage tables are not cheap it is advisable to go this route because you save on the table and get loads of other useful things. For the cost a spa and salon table package is the best way to go.

Salon Massage Table

As you can see there are a variety of tables to choose from, each with their own set of pro’s and con’s. It is important to plan carefully before you purchase your spa and salon massage table. Consider your needs and your future needs, your budget, your space requirements and you will have a good idea of what type of table you will need.

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