Sanitation 101: The Things That Lurk Beneath


My two-year-old little boy recently dropped a cracker on the floor which our dog promptly drooled all over it. As if on cue, my son picked the cracker right back up and popped it in his mouth. Uhhhh. The joys of parenting! This is the type of thing that you simply can’t control. The fact of the matter is that I just couldn’t make it to my son fast enough to grab that cracker. As a parent, I’ve learned to try to control everything I can and to, within reason, shrug off the things I can’t control.

This can also be applied to massage and sanitation. Don’t worry; I’m not planning on boring you with instructions on how to clean your massage table or how often to wash your room’s linens. I do, however, want to address one of those random things that many of us should have a little more control over. What is it? It’s the stuff on your floor. Now, by this, I don’t mean the grime and dust that your clients track in. You can’t control that and – of course – you clean the floors as often as you can. But, you and I both know that lots of icky little germs make their way into your room. No matter how clean you try to keep things, you simply can’t keep a client’s feet out of your massage room. Thus, floor grime (between cleanings) is here to stay.

What you can control is what you expose to that grime (i.e. the things you store on the ground, particularly under your table). Now, I’m not suggesting you don’t store things under your massage table; in fact, it’s often a perfect storage spot and cuts down on visible clutter in your massage room. Here’s what I am suggesting: Use closed containers for anything you keep under your table. Clear plastic bins are affordable and readily available. They also allow you to see their contents without having to open them up and dig through them.

If the clear plastic bin isn’t for you, there are a multitude of other options out there. I beseech you: Explore those options! Keeping things directly on the ground exposes them and, thus, you and your clients to extra germs. You have some control over these germs: Exercise it!