Snacking for the Massage Therapist

I was recently asked to discuss healthy snacking for massage therapists. True to my word, I’ve compiled a list of healthy ways to keep your energy up throughout the day. Here goes:

    • • Stay far, far away from sugar-laden or ultra-caffeinated drinks. You might feel energized for a short period, but you’ll crash quickly. Instead, choose water, lightly caffeinated teas, or herbal teas. If you have to have that mid-afternoon Starbucks, I won’t tell you it is an absolute no-no, just make it an actual coffee, not a triple-dipple-super-mocha-swirleriffic-latte. I think you get my point.

  • • Pack lots of fresh fruits like bananas, veggies, nuts, and small portions of protein (a few slices of lunch meat, for example) to snack on throughout the day. Bananas, figs, carrots, and almonds are some of my personal favorites.
  • • Grab a protein bar if you’re starting to feel sluggish in the energy department. Just remember, protein bars aren’t all as good as they let on. Some are really heavy on carbs and relatively lacking in protein. There are lots of great choices out there, but do a little research before you start buying in bulk.
  • • Don’t skip meals – especially breakfast.Supplying your body with solid nutrients in the beginning of the day will keep cravings down throughout the remainder of it.

If you have a client on your massage table, you are exerting energy. In order to provide them with a superior service, you need to keep your energy up. Don’t deprive yourself, but do your best to stay healthy throughout the day. At the end of the day, you’ll be thankful you did. Happy Snacking!