The Germiest Places Around – Eeek!

We all know how important cleanliness and sanitation are. Germs lurk everywhere. They are sneaky little devils that show up, sometimes, in the most unlikely of places. Last week I read a fabulous blog by the editors of Healing Lifestyles & Spason the most germ infested spots you are likely to encounter. While they might not all be found in spas or massage rooms, I think the list is pretty enlightening.

If anything, hopefully it will spark a little extra caution on your part. So, without further ado, here they are:

  • • Bathroom Door Handles
  • • Airplane Bathrooms
  • • Soap Dispensers
  • • Menus
  • • Shopping Carts
  • • Doctor’s Offices
  • • Condiment Dispensers
  • • Lemon Wedges in Restaurants

You might not encounter these every day, but you should definitely exercise a little caution when you do. There are a multitude of things you can do to ensure cleanliness in your massage room. Simply cleaning and sanitizing your massage tables properly is an important start. Maybe we can’t entirely avoid germs, but with a little extra effort we can certainly keep them to a more acceptable minimum.

Happy Sanitizing!