The Value of Connections

We had a client visit the office a few days back. After some time chatting with her, I realized how many connections we shared (both within the industry and outside of it). Although we had known one another for quite some time, we had no idea how many connections we shared. That night, I started thinking about connections and how they factor into our success in the massage industry.To me, it boils down to this: Our connections to others – be they to other massage therapists, industry leaders, or clients – are just as important as our massage skills.

Connections with professionals:The value of attending professional events simply cannot be underestimated. I realize that we don’t always have the time to spend days and weeks traveling the country from one massage-related event to the next. With two kids at home, I know I certainly don’t. However, getting to know other professionals as often as is reasonably possible for you can give you a support system to lean on when a concern arises or when you need advice. What’s more, attending professional events can be tremendously helpful from a marketing perspective. After all, it is the perfect spot to showcase your unique skills.

Connections with clients.The client connection is a sometimes-tricky, but still monumentally important connection. While I don’t necessarily recommend talking to clients excessively throughout their sessions on your massage table, it is important that one connect with them on a personal level during each visit. How do we do this without talking throughout a treatment?Quite easily, in fact. Check in with your clients before and after their sessions. Ask how they are doing and really listen to their responses. I’m always tickled when a service provider of any type remembers something I told him or her a few visits back. It tells me that someone is listening. It tells me that someone cares. This, subsequently, brings me back in for more.

You may not have the time or money to attend all the big industry events, but there are plenty of smaller, local events out there. You may have limited time to chat with your clients, but you’d be surprised what a little extra effort can do. Truth be told, I’ve only scratched the surface of the importance of connections to your business. I hope, though, that the aforementioned examples will get your creative juices flowing on how to make more and better connections with those around you. If anything, you’ll have fun doing it. Connect away … my friends!

Happy Massaging!