What’s Your Health Worth?

Girl Massage

Since the writings of Plato and Aristotle massage has been an effective method of relieving ailment and improving health. And indeed it does, massage is a proven form of general health improvement and stress relief. Massage is not unique to western society and there are over 80 different types of massage. For thousands of year’s humans from all around the world honed massage to the art it is today. The reason for it’s prevalence is obvious. A combination of history and science prove that massage is effective at relieving aliments, releasing tension and even helps with mental stress and fatigue.

Some argue that massages are overpriced salon luxuries that normal people like you and I couldn’t afford. However the truth is far from that, massages are not only affordable but downright economical. If you consider the health benefits of massage, both mental and physical, just a reduction of doctor’s visit and sick days is enough to make up for the cost. And for those with high stress jobs, a little relief could be priceless. Regardless of what benefit you gain from massage today getting a massage has never been easier.

So what can a massage really do for you? Well according to WebMD massages

- Reduce anxiety

- Decrease pain

- Enhance the immune system

- Heightens self-esteem

- Improves circulation

Avoid Massages If You Have


-Open Wounds

-Cancerous Tumors

-Blood Clots

-History of Heart Attack

-Fractured Bones


So what’s you health worth to you? Get a massage.