What to Consider Before You Buy

Are you considering purchasing a new massage table? If so, prepare yourself ahead of time with a few simple questions to smooth the process along.

    • • How much are you prepared to spend?
    • • How will you use your table? In a designated room? Traveling?
    • • What table height and width do you need?
    • • What weight are you comfortable with? (Especially if you’re traveling.)

  • • Do you prefer wood or aluminum?
  • • Do you prefer Reiki or standard endplates? (Important if you are doing energy work.)
  • • Do you need a package or a table on its own?
  • • If a package, what type of facecradle do you prefer?
  • • Do you have a color preference?


There are other questions that might come up, but this list covers the basics. Prepare yourself ahead of time and your purchasing experience is much more likely to be a good one.