What Width Table Should I Buy?

Although I’m not in sales, I have the pleasure of working regularly with sales people who specialize in massage tables and massage equipments. This has afforded me a unique opportunity: To learn what is important to massage therapists in the pursuit of their ideal tables. One of the most common questions from therapists: What width table should I buy? In an effort to help you with this question, I’ve put together a few key talking points. Consider these as you peruse tables:

  • • The most popular table width is 30”
  • • The width of your table affects your comfort and your ability to easily access the client
  • • If you are petite (shorter than 5’2”) you might consider a 28” width
  • • If you are taller (taller than 6’2”) you might consider a 32” width or wider
  • • There is no magic height formula; the aforementioned are “typical” ranges


What I really recommend is this: Try a few out. Ask a friend to use his or her table for a few short minutes. See what feels best to you. What feels best, in this case, really is best.