Why Spas on Wheels are Turning Out to be the Latest Spa Industry Craze

Spas on wheels are turning up in Michigan’s JW Marriott Grand Rapids Hotel. Clients who want a more private setting for a massage or spa treatment are getting the spa to come right to their hotel room. These spas on wheels, designed by Vickie Bennett and her husband Victor, were designed in response to client’s feedback regarding their need for privacy. They named them Suite Spas.

The Bennett’s “Suite Spa” carts carry everything from facial machines, lotions, nail polish, materials for scrubs, warm towels, music players and anything else needed for a massage or spa treatment. Almost any spa service can be performed with the Suit Spas.

Brian Behler, the hotel’s director of rooms, said: “Our guests are absolutely loving it. They think, ‘I’m in my room, and they’ll come take care of me.’ And it builds revenue.” These Spa Suites are sure to gain a lot of popularity in many more hotels with guests who love their privacy.