Zenvi™ … My Moment of Bliss

I don’t make it a point of blogging about specific products very often. The truth is that I hope you read and enjoy my blog even if all of your massage equipment isn’t from this website. Why?Because that’s okay. Only you know how to make the right purchasing decisions for your business. My hope is to provide you with relevant information to make those decisions (regardless of what brand you purchase).

With that said, I simply can’t resist talking about the Zenvi™ Sound Cushion today –not because I want to plug a product, but because my experience with it has been truly extraordinary. You see, I am a regular consumer of massage. My intentions to get a massage weekly generally fall slightly short, bleeding into the once-every-two-weeks-or-so category. Still, I’m a pretty regular consumer. And I love it. Simply.Can’t. Live. Without.It.

Okay, so now you know that I’m a massage junkie. What you might not know is what I absolutely abhor during a massage. Well, I’m going to tell you:I abhor background noise. Call me finicky and high-maintenance. Okay … I’m not really that bad. I am, however, easily distracted and my massage therapist’s room isn’t 100% soundproof. So, background noise drives me crazy. Just crazy!

Massage is my one respite amidst life’s unending chaos. When I lay on that massage table, I want every concern to melt away. This is where Zenvi™ comes in. Finally, there is a product that brings music to the forefront, thereby thrusting ambient noise to the background. For me, this is pure bliss. I place my head in theZenvi™ facecradle (a.k.a. Sound Cushion), I connect it to my therapist’s iPod or iPhone(or even to my own if I prefer) and for fifty minutes, I hear the crystal clearsound vibrations that subtly drown out the rest of the world. It is an oasis, I tell you.

To my mind, it’s a must-have for therapists in loud environments. And because the Zenvi™ Sound Cushion fits massage chairs as well, it’s also the perfect accessory for the mobile massage therapist. It’s comfortable, it’s unique, and it transports their clients into what Earthlite calls an “Instant Oasis.” I agree with them: an oasis it is.

So, the next time you’re looking for a facecradle, consider giving clients like me a little something extra. Give us an escape from the ordinary, an oasis … give us musical bliss. We’ll thank you for it.