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Massage Tables

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About Our Massage Tables

Whether you have been doing massage therapy since the age of the dinosaurs, a student new to the industry, or a graduate wanting to open your very own massage business we have the best massage tables to meet every need and every situation. Also, whether you have venture-capitalists investing in your start-up business or are spending change from your piggy bank you can find a massage table to meet your financial budget.

We carry the finest massage table manufacturers on the market today. Our main OEM manufactures include:

These manufactures are just to name a few. As Massage Table Outlet continues to dominate the industry we carry more and more different makes and models of massage tables all the time.

Portable Massage Tables

Our portable massage tables range from light in weight and portable to heavy and durable. Any way you slice it they are always the best of quality.  Also, with prices like ours you can't go wrong. Many massage therapists on a budget choose to look for used stationary massage tables, but with prices as cheap as ours it doesn't make sense to choose that route.

Some of our portable massage tables come in a package that often include:

  • Adjustable Headrests
  • Adjustable Arm Shelf
  • A Carrying Case
  • Etc