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Salon and Spa Massage Tables

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In the beginning the spa was only a place the rich knew of. The spa was a place for the wealthy and affluent to socialize and self cleanse. In roman times spas were a common place of congregation and practically every spa offered massage, steam and hot baths. The term spa comes from a town called Spa, Belgium where residents would drink the water from a local hot spring to cure ailments. Since then spas have been associated with renewal, health and cleansing. Today the spa massage table and spas have become a staple of western luxury and massage is more common than ever before.

In keeping with the grand traditions of our fore fathers we take extreme pride in which products we choose to carry. That’s why we only carry premium brand name supplies and equipment, to ensure you only get the best. We have a full team dedicated to the art and craft of massage. Their job is to test equipment, choose products and assist you the customer. If you need massage equipment for your spa then look no further, Massage Table Outlet has whatever you need.

Many new massage therapists aren't sure about which equipment to buy. There are many options, many tables and many accessories to choose from. This can be daunting but don't fret, simply select on of the many packages from Massage Table Outlet. We have new and used packages so if you're not quite sure about your investment we have a simple, affordable package for you. Also we take away all of the guesswork by including important accessories in all of our massage tables packages. Don't waste any more time, buy your new massage package today.